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Bringin' High Hopes Without The Smoke

Welcome to Philly, Luis Castillo

While everyone in Philadelphia waits on pins and needles for Chase Utley’s return, Ruben Amaro Jr. added a potential replacement. For three straight seasons, we’ve made fun of him for dropping routine pop ups, being benched in ’08, and just for being a Met. Unfortunately, he is now a Phillie. Welcome to Philadelphia, Luis Castillo.

A 3 time NL All Star and Gold Glove Winner, Castillo brings a veteran presence to the clubhouse with some serious experience, but he was a Met for three seasons. And he won a World Series with the Marlins in 2003. The same Marlins team that beat out the Phillies to win the Wild Card that year and won a World Series that should have been ours, but I don’t hold grudges. During that run, he hit the famous foul ball in Wrigley Field that Steve Bartman interfered with. What I’m trying to say here is Cubs fans hate him too. Even Mets fans hate this dude. Playing in spring training games this season, Castillo was booed by his own fans, most likely because he’s terrible, or because he dropped that pop up against the Yankees.

The talk this morning was that Utley is moving in the right direction, but Castillo would probably be his replacement on opening day. While the entire Phils fan population let out a collective “Ugh”, Charlie Manuel agreed with us, giving him a resounding vote of confidence. Uncle Cholly said, “We’ll see what he’s got.” Ruben Amaro Jr. also gave us something to look forward to.

Rubes said this afternoon that Castillo will not be sent to the minors; he will either make the club in training camp or be released. Come June, when Castillo is riding the bench in Seattle, we’ll all say “Remember when Luis Castillo was a Phillie for 9 days?” and we will all laugh and feel a little better about ourselves.

Enjoy your next 9 days as a Phillie, Luis Castillo. They will be your last.

SW – Brian Maloney

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  1. CharliesWood says:

    haha he was supposed to play today and report to spring training but apparently there was a”hotel mix-up” Already DROPPING THE BALL! haha

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