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Bringin' High Hopes Without The Smoke

Nails Gets Nailed: 2012 Edition

L.A. County Superior Court Judge, Cynthia Ulfig, finally dropped the gavel on Lenny Dykstra today, as the ex-Fighin’ was sentenced to three years, hard time (sorta), for charges of grand theft auto & filing  false financial statements.  Her sentence came after Dykstra’s lawyer unsuccessfully urged the court to withdraw his initial no contest plea, & accept a new plea of “not guilty.”  In delivering the sentence, Judge Ulfig said the effort to steal cars showed “sophistication & planning.”  And prosecutors had argued that he did not exhibit any remorse toward his victims.  Nails was immediately taken into custody after the sentencing.

Due to overcrowding in the California state prison system, Dykstra is only expected to serve a small portion of his three year stint.  He will also, more than likely, serve this sentence in a county lockup facility.

In the prime of his career, Dykstra was a hard-nosed, hard hitting center fielder for the Phillies & the Mets.  After eleven years under the ‘Big Top,’ he went on to become a business man, a financial guru, an entrepreneur, & a protege of  Niko Bellic.  Now the real question is, in his new life behind bars, will Nails prevail as a pitcher or a catcher?

SW – Kevin Anderson

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