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Bringin' High Hopes Without The Smoke

Juan Samuel Has A Cloning Machine! Oh, And Another Phillie Hurting

We here at The Blunt have apparently turned into a website devoted solely to Phillies injuries.  Believe me, we ain’t happy about it either, but here’s the latest from the black-and-blue red-and-white.

Placido Polanco has re-injured the elbow which he had surgery on in November.  The injury occurred in the first inning of Tuesday’s game against the Blue Jays, and appears to be a hyper-extension of the elbow.  When asked after the game if the injury may be a result of the surgery he had in the fall, Polanco downplayed the possibility and reported that he should be fine with some rest, anti-inflammatories, and a little ice.

Okay, that sounds fine by me.  As I’ve always said, if you’re gonna get injured, might as well be in spring training.  There is, however, something troubling about the slew of injuries that the Phillies have seen over the past weeks.  The Phillies are getting older, and while we love our core players, some infusion of youth that plays up to (and if it’s not too much to ask, past) their expectations would be a godsend.

I don’t think we should start mashing the panic button just yet, (which in my head sounds like the whooomp from the Inception soundtrack) but I do fear that this may be a glimpse into a not too distant future where the Phillies are all well-seasoned vets.  Man, we need Jamie Moyer back to make the rest of the guys just appear younger.

There is another possibility, however, that as Phillies fans we’re still going through the growing pains that come with realizing your team is a high market, high profile organization.  With teams that get the spotlight, little things tend to get blown out of proportion.  Perhaps, all of these injuries are just minor things that happen all the time in baseball, especially in spring training as players try to get back into player’s shape.  Honestly, does anyone remember a slight soreness in Kevin Stocker’s throwing arm getting a lot of play in the media going into the ’96 season?  I didn’t think so.

So, let’s all just take a step back, relax, take an anti-inflammatory, and ice it for now.  I’m sure everything will be fine by opening day, and even if things don’t get better, and Phillies continue to drop like flies around a grapefruit, I think we’ll still be okay.  I have it on a very reliable source that Juan Samuel has been working on a cloning machine (its currently a box with buttons and macaroni glued to it, and the words “Cloning Machine” scrawled across it in magic marker) so we can just crank out a couple more Wilson Valdezes to cover the infield.

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  1. CharliesWood says:

    It’s definately nice to see optimism on a phillies blog about this, not everyone is staying that way after all the negativity surrounding utley. Are people forgetting that we had 97 W’s last year with all the injuries we had? we should be happy that these injuries are taking place now and thankful we have a great bench and some positive signs coming from players looking to make the roster this season.

  2. Weezer says:

    Thank you CW. If I could channel my inner Allen Iverson for a moment, “We’re talking about grapefruit, not regular season, but we talking about grapefruit.” Its like first of all, 5 years ago practically no one in Philadelphia knew there was such thing as spring training and now that we got a winning ball club everyone in Philly thinks the sky is falling because of sore arms. And I ain’t hating on people joining the band wagon here, I’m thrilled to death the Philly’s turning into a drinking town with a baseball problem but hello, this is what happens in spring training. Relax.

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