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Bringin' High Hopes Without The Smoke

Yay, We Have Our Own Charlie Sheen In the Delaware Valley!

Lenny Dykstra appeared in an interview with NBC 10’s John Clark, and he doesn’t seem crazy or drunk at all.  Dykstra clearly took the interview very seriously, paying close attention to his attire and watching what he said so as not to rub anyone the wrong way.  We here at The Blunt obtained an exclusive look at Mr. Dykstra’s pre-interview checklist:

Also featured in the interview is Lenny’s thoughts about Mitch Williams.  Spoiler Alert:  Mitchy-Po0 isn’t receiving Christmas cards from the Dykstra Family.  Apparently Dr. Dirt, an honorary doctorate I believe, has not spoken to Williams since the ‘93 World Series.

Check out the entire interview through our link so you can see how not crazy Lenny Dykstra is for yourself.


SW – Ian Anderson

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  1. CharliesWood says:

    I dont have much respect for the guy for not talking to Williams since the 93 WS unless they were on bad terms before. Its been close to two decades since it happened and you gotta respect Williams for being able to talk about it and be a good sport about it. Williams even talked to reporters right after it happened at his locker, not many players would do that.

  2. jeromybish says:

    The best part of this whole thing was when john clarke had to apologize the next night for saying mitch was gonna kill the dude.

    • kevin says:

      @jeromy. I missed that – go, go, google search… Ya gotta love some baby momma drama that stands the test of time. in 18 years: 3 businesses opened, 3 businesses closed, 2 foreclosures, 1 divorce, 24 lawsuits and counting… Yet the dude is still stuck on Mitch?!?!

  3. trying to find you on facebook, wats your profile

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