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Bringin' High Hopes Without The Smoke

Chase goes 0-5, But Inspires Phils’ Bats to Explode

45,841 showed up at Citizens Bank Park tonight to see Chase Utley return to the Phillies for the first time since October of last year. It was a joyous occasion for those who ventured out to CBP, many of whom thought the Phils would keep that pathetic, weak hitting streak alive and kicking…They were wrong!  The Phillies bats exploded from inning one, as Polly sent a two run homer over the flower bed in right to give Bronson Arroyo that first kick in the sack which he deserved.  Seven more kicks would follow before his departure in the 3rd.  Polly and crew helped tack on 8 more runs for the rest of the game to give Cole Hamels some much deserved run support.

Collecting 10 runs on 14 hits is certainly a turn of the page from the past week of crappy losses and streaks of nearly hitless games.  Jimmy Rollins swung a beauty and sent a long fly ball to deep right for 3 in the 3rd, which ended Arroyo’s night prematurely.  Ibanez tacked a solo shot himself in the 4th…But what about Chase Utley?  The man who was under the spotlight tonight wasn’t a part of this bundle of hot hittin’ Phils?  Nope.  He went 0-5 tonight, thus giving the fans a little dismay, but there is always hope.  Charlie plans to put him in the lineup again tomorrow night.

As for Cole Hamels, he took the Reds to town, yet again in the 10-3 victory!  He improves his career record vs the Reds to a spectacular 7-0.  Dusty Baker knows that he can’t beat Cole, so why even bother?  He threw 102 pitches over 6 innings tonight, allowing 5 hits, a 3 run homer to Jay Bruce, walked 2, while striking out 4.  Not to shabby, Cole!  Now back to the run support…Remember last year when Cole was on the shit end of the stick in those 1-0 games?  Yeah not this year pal, it seems the shift has focused to Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee…so unfair.  Can’t anotha brotha get a 10-spot?!  I hope this isn’t just a serge off of Arroyo.  He was 1-5, 5.54 ERA vs the Phils, lifetime, coming into tonight’s game.

Tonight’s sudden attack of the bats surely drove the fans crazy and they all hope (we all hope) that the Phils can carry this out for at least a good 10 games or so.  These pitchers are holding opponents to basically 3 runs a game.  Vance Worely (2-0, 1.13 ERA) gets the start tomorrow in game two of four with the Reds.  He will oppose Johnny Cueto (2-1, 1.45 ERA). It’s time for Vance’s Warriors to show up at the ball park to root him on! Catch the game, & the Vance Dance, tomorrow night at 7:05 PM!

Let’s Go Phillies!

SW-Erik Seybold

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  1. max says:

    Fuckin awesome

    • Weezer says:

      We agree. Hopefully y’all approve of the latest addition to TPB. We like him. Follow him on Twitter @ErikSeyboldPHI He does great in-game tweets of Phillies games and is a pretty hilarious dude.

  2. Nice job kid! Did those bastards tell you in the interview that “The Phillies Blunt” will take 10 years off your life?! Cuz when I get off probation, reinstall my sink, & link up with Bernie Madoff – Im comin back to Philly to whoop their asses worse than Rick Dempsey

  3. Up Ur A$ says:

    Erik you da man, way to hit one out of the park on the first swing. We’ll be Vance Dancing tonight baby.

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